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Thanks for visiting Digital Nomads Asia’s newest column: “10 Questions With…” This section aims to introduce nomads from around the world who are either startup founders, CEOs, or individuals who escaped the shackles of the corporate world.  Here, we will get to know their interests, their crazy life and their quirky traits as they conquer the world.

Digital Nomads Asia invites you to see the world these interesting nomads live.

Our featured nomad this week is the Co-Founder of Outpost, a collaborative, productive community which provides exceptional work and living environments in idyllic locations.


Outpost Asia’s coworking/coliving facilities and services are uniquely-tailored for individuals and groups seeking to immerse themselves in developing a new concept or grow existing ideas. Their hub in Bali is home to a diverse, select group of global innovators, change-makers and those seeking extraordinary lifestyles. The community provides a welcome atmosphere to those new to destination living while the events inspire and foster collaboration.


Bryan is the Co-Founder of Outpost Asia

Name: Bryan Stewart
Company: Outpost Asia
Role: Co-Founder
Question #1:
DNA:  Where is home?
Bryan: Outpost – our new co-working & co-living space in Ubud
Question #2:
DNA: What pays your bills?
Bryan: Making connections – investors with each other and with companies
Question #3:
DNA:  How long have you been a nomad?
Bryan: I’m more of a ‘finance nomad’, I’ve been wandering Asia for ten years without a real office
Question #4:
DNA: Why Bali?
Bryan: Shouldn’t the question be Why not Bali? I mean, who doesn’t want to live in paradise?!
Question #5:
DNA: What’s in your bag at all times?
Bryan: Awesomeness
Question #6:
DNA: Challenges you faced?
Bryan: Try setting up a company in Indo, the people are amazing, but the bureaucracy is pure insanity
Question #7:
DNA: What do you need to succeed?
Bryan: A good coffee, Indonesian brew is some of the best in the world
Question #8:
DNA: Is it for everyone?
Bryan: Everyone should get a little adventure in their life, some of us just crave more than others
Question #9:
DNA: Tell us your craziest travel story…
Bryan: I could tell you, but you wouldn’t believe me
Question #10:
DNA: Happy?
Bryan: Absolutely
To get in touch with Bryan, email him at: bryan@outpost-asia.com.