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Go into any coffee shop these days and you’re likely to spy a slew of people hidden behind laptops, tapping on keyboards and choking down coffee. A far cry from the internet cafés of yesteryear, the modern coffee shop is an office away from the office for many — and a home away from home for others.

But there are some who take the idea of the coffee-shop-as-office a little bit too far. And for these select few, a laptop isn’t enough to get real work done. For these individuals, only a desktop computer is powerful enough to take care of business. Whether it’s in the name of a heroic play or a menacing stunt, people do in fact bring full-on desktops to coffee shops. And we can prove it with picture evidence.

Below are 10 people who appreciate the value of free Wi-Fi. These are their stories.

1. Don’t mind me, I’m just working on my resume


Image credit: The Atlantic

“This guy has brought his giant iMac to Starbucks,” The Atlantic says. “This guy is working on his giant iMac, at Starbucks, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. This guy don’t care.” And we applaud you iMac-at-a-coffee-shop guy. You have earned our respect.

2. When you’re in the middle of WoW and the Wi-Fi goes out


Image credit: Techaworld

Seriously, a campaign this serious can’t wait the 10 or 20 minutes it’d take to figure out what’s wrong with the router. Besides, the iMac is a work of art when it comes to industrial design — he’s just trying to spruce up his local establishment. (OK, technically this guy is at Panera’s, but he’s drinking coffee.)

3. For the hipster who doesn’t like typewriters

barnes_and_noble (1)

Image credit: Crunchgear

C’mon man — typewriters? You really think you’re hip? Those are easy to carry around compared to this thing. If you were really dedicated to being ironic, you’d bring an old school desktop.

4. When you’re just trying to mix some sick beats


Image credit: Terence Deutsch

You’ve got to respect a guy who can fit his whole recording studio into the back corner of a Starbucks. I mean c’mon now, how big do you reckon that monitor is? And that midi keyboard in his lap? That mixing board to his left? You can tell a lot about a guy by how much he’s willing to go through to make music.

5. No seriously, these beats are the sickest


Image credit: Jean Trinh

When the first place wasn’t open late enough to finish last night’s work, it’s best to get an early start at destination number two. Also, when you’re transporting all that stuff, try and use some bubblewrap. These things aren’t cheap, after all.

6. Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to finish a presentation

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 11.41.53 AM

Image credit: Engadget

OK, OK — this actually isn’t a desktop computer, but it might as well be one. It’s the Dell XPS M2010, a “laptop” that came equipped with a “20-inch glossy display, 8-speaker system with a subwoofer, […] a magnetically held Bluetooth keyboard and gyroscopic Media Center remote which includes a small LCD screen for peeping music and video track details.” The battery lasted for about two hours, too. So not quite a laptop, not quite a desktop — more of an all-of-everything computer.

7. A little flight simulator you say?


Image credit: Imgur

For the committed, flight simulator isn’t just a game — it’s a way of life. Learning how to pick the yaw up on a Cessna and not crash (that part’s key) is a life skill, according to some folks. After all, if your pilot ever has a heart attack when you’re midway across the Atlantic, won’t you be glad that you know how to fly a virtual airplane? That’s what we thought. Might as well get your practice time in at your local coffee shop.

8. Now see here, son — one day all of this will be yours.


Image credit: Imgur

Taking a weekend morning off to do your taxes/check your stock portfolio/figure out the finer points of your will over some coffee with your son…. is there anything better? Of course not.

9. It’s been a rough few years


Image credit: Farzaa

You know, five years ago I had all my hair. But times got hard and things got difficult. What? You want more? Well I’m out — I’ve got nothing. Seriously, I’m just trying to check Facebook. Is there anything wrong with that?

10. Seriously, what you looking at?


Image credit: Dark Roasted Blend

Nothing to see here — just me, my non-ironic desktop PC, and a big suitcase. What’s the suitcase for? For my non-ironic computer, of course.

Whats some of the funniest people you’ve seen out in public with a ‘full-stacked’ office in a cafe?