Nomads GoMad – Save the Date – 26-08-2022!

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And YES!! We back again! Nomads GoMad is the latest instalment of events that we will be rolling out this year. Let’s get this party started!
Firstly, we will like to thank our partners Nomeo for the amazing work that they do. They’ve been the bedrock of the event and they are constantly pushing the boundaries for Digital Nomads across the world. A fantastic platform ran by even more fantastic people. If borders are never an issue please reach out to Nomeo at . If you happen to be traveling the world, please sign up with the good people at Nomeo.
Nomads Go Mad Friday is an exclusive monthly event hosted by two communities namely- Nomeo & Digital Nomads Asia.
The goal of this event is to bring together like-minded nomads living or visiting in Bali together for a night of social connection and party.
What we believe in: – Cultures don’t have borders. Friendship doesn’t have borders. Nomads don’t see borders.
We help them succeed with speaking & networking events, we help them make friends with fun meetups, we give them opportunities to go crazy with parties they can only dream of.
ALL. AROUND. THE WORLD. – Wherever they are, they are citizens of the Digital Nation that doesn’t have borders.
For this upcoming event we will be offering our friends and followers the following:
Thanks to our sponsors Guinness Smooth and VIBE – we will offer two hours of complimentary drinks.
We will have nomads go mad with the best in R&B, Afro Beats and Hip Hop tunes all night.
We will like to thank all our partners and sponsors for supporting our cause. We look forward to meeting all of you at Kajan Eatery on the 26th of August 2022.
Kajan Eatery is located at N0.6 Batu Mejan, Canggu, Bali. Make your reservations at Kajan Eatery today –
Sending love.
The Crew!