Soulful Sundays!

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I am suggesting an idea. You can choose to embrace it, or burn it at the stake. It may ignite your passionate opinion, or it could be a simple breakthrough. Whatever it is for you, I completely understand.

My suggestion is reserve a couple of hours every Sunday: to work ON your business.

Yes I know Sundays are sacred. For many years I would close the door on my Friday afternoon and strictly reserve my entire weekend for relaxing, unwinding, hedonistic pleasures and ANYTHING but work. These boundaries felt great and they worked.

But now I’ve taken my business to the next level, and have a more soulful approach, I find boundaries around my business less rigid. My work and life have overlapped somewhere along the way. Because a lot of my thinking naturally flows in the direction of my business, I find myself often working on my business one way or another over the weekend.

By reserving a slab of time on Sunday to throw myself “souly” into creating clarity and taking action on my business and branding, I am then able to switch off for the rest of the day. I’m happy I’ve taken leaps forward in my business and generated clarity for the week ahead.

Sunday is the perfect time for high level, blue sky, uninterrupted, courageous thinking and planning. It’s a time for taking surges of action on my business. A day free of the pressures and demands of the day to day running of my business. Other days I spend my time concentrating on other people’s businesses – serving others.

When you’re really in flow with your own business. When you are on a soulful path and your business is bigger than just you – when it has a higher purpose – then a session working on your business on Sundays, starts to make more sense.

It is the perfect time to gain clarity, pour light and love and gratitude into your business; work on your branding; and regroup and plan your week, month, year ahead.

So, put on some music, clear your office, studio, kitchen table. Turn off your devices, close the door. Organise for no interruptions if you can. Make your Soulful Sunday Sessions around the same time each Sunday. I hope your Soulful Sunday Sessions will even become the highlight of your day (or week). If we’re clever and make them fun and powerful, they won’t feel like work.

This single practice of taking a few hours each Sunday to work on you business, has the power to revolutionise everything.