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TrashStock Musik- Artistik Plastik is art and music charity festival celebrating our love of Bali’s environment in the most creative way : leveraging visual artists, musical talents and entrepreneurs to tackle the dramatic plastic trash issue that Bali, like many places in the world, is facing.
We perform the difficult art of being fun, beautiful and positive while
advocating about a tragic and ugly issue.

It is coming for a third edition on 26 & 27 August!

What is happening in Bali?

Bali is a beautiiful Indonesian island visited by millions of tourists each year. Volcanos, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, jungle, rivers and more, Bali is a wonderful place to have a great and various holiday experience. It is also a wonderful culture of hinduism and art!

However, this paradise is in full of rubbish and this massive plastic pollution is a threat to the environment, but also to the tourism, livelihood of more than 30% of the Balinese. In the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development from the United Nation World Tourism Organisation, our goal is to educate the youth to protect their own future!

The festival was created by Julien Goalabré and Hendra Arimbawa, two friends passionate to fight plastic pollution through art and music

Music & art as an inspiration for change!

Our mission is to provide a quality art and music festival which strengthens Bali as the main Indonesian destination the arts and craft circuit, while also educating, engaging and inspiring both kids and youths to protect their environment through art and music.

We all volunteer our time to make it possible, and local artists and musicians also volunteer their talents to make TrashStock a great event because they trully believe in it. Their energy is what powers change as “Art change people and people changes the world” said singer John Buttler.

Specifically, we aim to:

* Increase awareness about the plastic issue in Bali using music and visual art to convey our message, and Inspire everyone living in Bali to be creative and entrepreneurial with plastic,

* Empower a movement of artists, NGO’s and Businesses passionate to care for the Balinese environment,

* Donate to a committed foundation & an artist : each year we donate part of the benefits to a foundation sharing our goal of using art to fight plastic pollution and an artist using trash to create art.

What’s in TrashStock?

Music: Yes! A festival without music would be kinda boring right? We invite great local bands with the best environmental spirit to sing against plastic pollution. Some even create songs about trash!


Arts: We exhibit amazing artwork inspired by plastic, or using it as material. Indonesians have a gift for creativity and they can do amazing things with plastic!

Picture1 (1)


We offer several wokrshops for kids and youths to recycle trash into art! While the process to learn of reusing trash of is the most important, sometimes it can look pretty good too! We use bottles, the back of advertising banners, or event paint buckets that we recycle into artwork!


We have passion and creativity, but we don’t have much funds!

While we try our best to keep costs at a minimum, we have lots of expenses including, venue, sound and light systems, with a full budget of 4500€. (full budget available on request). We all volunteer our time and skills to continue this wonderful adventure started in 2015. Yes, it’s our third edition!

We have a multi-stream funding strategy including crowdfunding and business sponsoring, be it in-kind or financial. Your help is definitely needed to make it happen!

Some TrashStock love for you!

Shipping from Bali is expensive, but we try our best to give back as much as possible! Check out our perks and select what you would like to get in exchange for your kindness!

Donate Now: https://chuffed.org/project/festivaltrashstock2017

About us:

TrashStock is a collective of young people passionate by music, art and concerned by the plastic issue in Bali. Created by two friends from France and Bali, the committee involves many young individual who volunteer their skills and time. It is our chance to have a great professional experience before entering the job market, all of which while being educated about the plastic issue in the process.

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