The Ultimate Nomadic Odyessey : Digital Nomads Asia and Digital Nomads Adventures Join Forces for Unforgettable Travel Experiences!

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Singapore – Digital Nomads Asia, a leading community platform for digital nomads in Asia, proudly announces its partnership with Digital Nomads Adventures (DNA), founded in 2023 by the minds behind TruTravels. This collaboration aims to enrich the digital nomad experience by offering a diverse range of travel adventures, catering to both individual nomads and groups of friends.

Digital Nomads Asia has been at the forefront of fostering a vibrant community for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and founders, with a focus on remote working, personal and professional development. By teaming up with Digital Nomads Adventures, DNA seeks to provide its community with unparalleled travel experiences that combine work, adventure, and personal growth.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Digital Nomads Adventures to enhance the offerings for our growing community in both Thailand and Bali,” said Rukesh Varan, Founder of Digital Nomads Asia. “Together, we aim to create unique and transformative experiences that go beyond traditional co-working and networking, truly embodying the spirit of the digital nomad lifestyle.”

Digital Nomads Adventures is set to redefine the way digital nomads approach travel and professional development. With a variety of experiences, including Nomad Adventures, Extreme Retreats, DNAx, and Beach Meets, the partnership promises an exciting array of opportunities for nomads to expand their horizons.

People working on a beach“Our mission with Digital Nomads Adventures is to provide a platform where adventure, networking, and personal growth collide,” said Joe Fallon, Founder of Digital Nomads Adventures. “Partnering with Digital Nomads Asia aligns perfectly with our vision, allowing us to reach and serve an even wider community of digital nomads seeking meaningful and fulfilling experiences.”

Digital Nomads Adventures currently offers a variety of experiences, including Nomad Adventures, where adventure travel, networking, and personal growth collide; Extreme Retreats, short coworking trips blended with extreme sports experiences; DNAx, an elevated travel experience combining escape, growth, and adventure; and Beach Meets, a unique blend of networking, business retreat, and beach holiday.

In addition to these experiences, both Digital Nomads Asia and Digital Nomads Adventures are committed to providing exclusive level-up programs designed to complement the tours, offering tools to unlock the full potential of participants by building essential skills and mindsets necessary for success. Members from Digital Nomads Asia’s communities will be able to receive exclusive deals on retreats and experiences in both Bali and Thailand with huge discounts with preferred booking options. 

As the partnership takes flight, Digital Nomads Asia and Digital Nomads Adventures invite digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and dreamers to embark on a journey of exploration, connection, and growth.

About Digital Nomads Asia:

Digital Nomads Asia (DNA) is a vibrant community platform for digital nomads based in Asia, dedicated to fostering personal and professional growth through unique experiences and community aided support tools. Founded in 2016, Digital Nomads Asia is committed to creating a supportive and inspiring environment for individuals seeking the perfect blend of work and travel.
About Digital Nomads Adventures:

Empowering Nomads, Realising Dreams: Your Adventure, Our Mission

Digital Nomad Adventures, a travel company dedicated to providing life-changing group travel experiences for nomads, entrepreneurs, teams and founders.

Founded in 2023 by the same minds behind TruTravels, we wanted to combine work and travel but with an emphasis on personal and professional development, using the experience gained from our own travel adventures and lives as digital nomads.

Now, with DNA we are building a community of nomads while providing a variety of adventurous experiences to help you to expand your dreams, curate your network and meet your goals – getting you one step closer to your ideal lifestyle.

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Dara Amara
Digital Nomads Asia