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It’s time for Nomads GoMad!

Nomads GoMad is the official event label for Digital Nomads around the world. We’re bringing people together to connect with others who are just like them—people who have chosen an unconventional lifestyle, and love it. People who have found a community of like-minded individuals who understand what they’re going through. Whether they’re living in their own countries or traveling abroad, we want to celebrate with them and help them thrive!

Our events are not only about having fun—they’re also about networking and growing as a community. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that wherever you are in the world, you can find a place where you feel at home. That’s why our events focus on both meeting new people and fostering friendships. We want you to be able to meet your favourite people from all over the world, so we make sure there will always be enough time for socialising before leaving the party!

We host monthly parties and meetups that bring together like-minded digital nomads living or visiting a particular country together for a night of social connection, networking, and partying. We believe that cultures don’t have borders—and neither do friendships!

So whether you’re visiting or living in another country, we’re here to help you thrive as part of the Digital Nation that doesn’t have borders.

Join us at our next event. Follow us on social media to find out where we will be hosting our next party! #NOMADS GOMAD

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