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Welcome to Digital Nomads Asia’s newest column: “10 Questions With…”

Welcome to Digital Nomads Asia’s newest column: “10 Questions With…” This section aims to introduce nomads from around the world who are either startup founders, CEOs, or individuals who escaped the shackles of the corporate world.  Here, we will get to know their interests, their crazy life and their quirky traits as they conquer the world.

Digital Nomads Asia invites you to see the world these interesting nomads live.

Our featured nomad this week is a highly motivated, creative, and talented Entrepreneur with an upbeat positive personality. She has a wide array of skills, from personal styling to tech design and product development.  Her goal is to continue to aide in the forward thinking innovation and improved customer experience in the fashion industry.

10 Questions With…


Name: Stefanie Nissen
Company: Trvl Porter
Role: Founder + CEO
Question #1:
DNA:  Where is home?
Stef:  Los Angeles, CA
Question #2:
DNA: What pays your bills?
Stef: Personal Styling Consulting + Freelance Fashion Design
Question #3:
DNA:  How long have you been a nomad?
Stef:  Since I was about 5, when my dad taught me the joys of white water rafting and snowboarding, which brought about my sense of adventure.
Question #4:
DNA: Why Bali?
Stef:  It has always called to me and I found a good program to volunteer here. It also seemed like the perfect place to reset and recharge before I launch my new company.
Question #5:
DNA: What’s in your bag at all times?
Stef: Money, water bottle, organic chapstick, iphone, hair tie, snack of mixed nuts, translucent brush on sunscreen.
Question #6:
DNA: Challenges you faced?
Stef: A few years ago I had to walk away from my startup for multiple reasons. It was my “dream”, and I didn’t understand why it didn’t work out. That was one of my toughest challenges, to trust that it would work out in the end and that there would be a better plan. Happy to say that I’ve found the better plan.
Question #7:
DNA: What do you need to succeed?
Stef: Looking for my dream team to help pull my vision together and people who will love what I’ll be offering! Without people, there’s nothing.
Question #8:
DNA: Is it for everyone?
Stef: Definitely not. You have to be able to really go with the flow and level headed through the highs and lows. I’ve always adapted to new changes very easily and I think that’s a skill you must have to be a nomad/ entrepreneur.
Question #9:
DNA: Tell us your craziest travel story…
Stef: Accidentally getting locked out of my room late one night in Paris with only a cardigan on. The front desk refused to let me in my room, but lucky for me I took a gamble and successfully knocked on the door of my new Aussie friends who saved me from sleeping in the hall for the night. Woops.
Question #10:
DNA: Happy?
Stef: This is the happiest and most at peace I’ve felt in about 10 years! I can say that I’ll definitely be coming back to Bali.

If you want to get in touch with Stefanie, please email her at: fashionablychic00@gmail.com.